Here is a list of classes that I will be announcing Dates, Times and Locations of through email blasts:

# Food Pyramid based on Nutrition, Not Industry

# Food Combining from several Perspectives

# 5 Ways that we generate Our Chi, the Energy that animates Us

# Help with Kitchen set up, shopping, Menu planning and food preparation

# Emotions, Energy in motion….practical tools for expanding Consciousness

# Empathic energy-What is it ??? plus , practical tools for living Joyfully in community 

# Human Technology, the Body Talks

# History of Sugar and 124 Reasons to consider eliminating it from your diet 

#7 Physical reasons for Ill Health, 7 Spiritual/Emotional reasons for Ill Health

Lifestyle and Diet Intervention Program

This is a minimum of a 1 year program for those that are ready to take Responsibility for their own Health and Well Being

Keep it Real, Keep it Kind