Our Mission:

To Create Community Based in Health and WellBeing

Through marketing Sprouted Seed Truffles

That are Healthy for the Planet

And Healthy for Us


The 3 part Vision for Naomi’s Sprouted Seed Truffles started coming in shortly after the World wide shutdown was announced in 2020. I started making Truffles before then, out of the desire to have quick, wholesome, nutrient dense, Healthy for the Planet, food made without SUGAR.

I grew up eating sugared, artificially sweetened, and caffeinated ‘foods’ daily. This way of eating lead me to having frequent headaches, iron deficiency, 30 pound weight gain…..and as a teen I became anorexic. I thought about food most of the time because I felt hungry again shortly after eating…

This way of eating while growing up ALSO lead me to a life time of learning about Health and Wellbeing…

I started eating ‘Whole Foods’… ‘Organic Foods’… ‘Natural Foods’… 50 years ago, when the tide started turning from processed, fast foods to consciously grown whole foods…

I am very passionate about eating Healthy Foods, living on a Healthy Planet for Myself and All of My Relations …AND especially ALL Children.

Naomi is My 1st grandchild, and she and her little brother Mateo, My grandson, are part of my inspiration in creating foods made Delux by Nature !!!!

KARALL’S BIO (short version):

Mother   Was a single Mom, Raised 3 Sons, without Child support

YahYah   Indigenous term for GrandMother…my GrandDaughter Naomi, named me

Truffleteer   Invented and HandCraft,  Naomi’s Sprouted Seed Truffles, that are sweetened only with Fruit

Massage Therapist/ Medicine Woman   This was my 1st business, which I worked, supporting my Family, for 22 years

Entrepreneur   Founder of Naomi’s Sprouted Seed Truffles, a Colorado Registered, Licensed and Insured, Cottage Food Industry…which launched July 31st 2021 at the Louisville Co. Farmers Market

Foodie   I have a Deep Respect and Appreciation for Food -the Colors, the Smells, the Flavors, the Textures, the Chi, the Creative Expression !!!

Food is Medicine     Food is Sunlight     Food is Rainbows made Manifest

Earthie   I am in Awe and Inspired by the Beauty and Brilliance of this Planet and its Nature…I am committed to doing my part in helping her to Thrive

Catalyst   An Agent for Rapid, Significant Change and Action, I am here to do my Part in helping to co-create a World of Peace, which in my View, will be made Manifest through Love, the Creation and Governing Principle on Earth….which translates through the Laws of Nature

An Expression of Gratitude:
Heartfelt thanks to these Individuals whose Knowledge and Wisdom are Interwoven within My Vision and Manifestation of this business : Hanna Kroeger,  Joseph Rael/ Beautiful Painted Arrow, Bernard Jensen, Richard Schultz, Xiang /Wudang Chen, Pam Popper, Lucretia Allison, Nick Nossaman

What we do to the Earth, we do to Ourselves